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by transforming education, touching hearts and minds, and nurturing wiser, more compassionate human beings. ​

We Prioritise the Well-Being

of educators, be they teachers, parents, or facilitators, in this journey of transformation.​



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About Us

The Verita Foundation was established over 11 years ago. Over the years and through the many projects we’ve worked on, we’ve remained steadfast to our belief that social and emotional education, properly understood and integrated with academics, is a catalyst for the healthy development of children, regardless of their social background.

We are committed to empowering teachers and parents in their efforts to manage the learning process. Our particular focus is on educators in public schools. Our efforts require recognizing complex stressors and implementing individual, group, or systemic methods to create spaces of physical, mental, and emotional safety for educators and students.

As a team, we strive to remain curious, passionate, stubborn, compassionate, mindful and heartful of our delicate and long-term impact work.

Education & Training

The Verita Foundation is an Affiliate of Emory University’s Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics. We provide workshops, facilitator’s training and support on two main programs: Social, Emotional and Ethical learning (SEE Learning®) and CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training).

SEE Learning, an innovative K-12 education program, provides a universal and science-based approach to bringing the ethical development of the whole child into education.

SEE Learning expands on the field of social-emotional learning (SEL) by drawing from new developments in educational practice and scientific research.

Key additional components include:

  • Attention and Awareness Training
  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Trauma and Resilience-informed Care
  • Systems Thinking
  • Ethical Discernment

SEE Learning provides educators with a comprehensive framework and engaging curriculum. The program motivates students to engage ethically and compassionately as a member of the global community.

SEE Learning is the result of a collaborative international team of curriculum writers, teachers, and experts in education, developmental psychology and neuroscience.

CBCT® offers a comprehensive method for training compassion that draws on the ancient contemplative traditions and is supported by current scientific research in fields such as evolutionary biology, psychology, and neuroscience. CBCT® is developed as a secular program, one that introduces practices that can help any individual strengthen their inner skills of the heart and mind. Compassion does not belong to any one religion or tradition. It is a capacity of the human heart and one that we can strengthen through deliberate practice.

“Compassion” can carry different meanings in different contexts. To clarify what it means for CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) – compassion is the warm-hearted concern that unfolds when we witness the suffering of others and feel motivated to relieve it. Though witnessing others’ suffering can also lead to responses like distress or overwhelm or even pity, compassion is unique. It is positive, proactive, and energizing.

CBCT® is one of the most researched compassion training programs, with the following outcomes:

  • significant decrease in: stress biomarkers and inflammatory response, depression, loneliness, PTSD symptoms
  • significant increase in: compassion and related neural activity, empathy and related neural activity, self-compassion, hopefulness.

SEE Learning globally

countries accessing SEE Learning
certified facilitators
international affiliates
schools that have implemented SEE Learning programs
languages in which the curriculum has been translated
0 mil
children impacted by SEE Leaning programs

SEE Learning in Romania

level 1 certified facilitators
level 2 facilitators in training (able to facilitate the program in Romanian)
teachers in state schools familiarized with the practices
level 1 Romanian facilitators in training directly with the Verita Foundation
0 k
hours of social-emotional learning experiences delivered in classrooms
children participating in SEL classes

Cognitively-Based Compassion Training

developed in 2004
continuous impact research since its development
2 CBCT instructors in training in Romania


Over time, we have created a series of workshops, learning experiences, practices, and material resources for adults and children. Their role is to support learning processes tailored to the needs and time of those who wish to get involved.

Support our work

Why would you support such a long-term initiative?​

Research shows that implementing SEL in classrooms has:

Positive outcomes for children

Increases Resilience and Antifragility

Improves Cognitive Skills

Reduces the Consequences of Maladaptive Behaviors

Economic impact

For every dollar invested, a saving of $22.22 has been made. (Benefit-cost analysis by the Washington Institute for Public Policy, Dec. 2018) *Mark Greenberg, 2023

Ripple effect

SEE Learning experiences are delivered by educators and parents, who take on the role of facilitators - the actual process of becoming a facilitator (seven months minimum) provides them with knowledge and tools that enhance their inner awareness, compassion and ethical engagement.

Children will become adults - adults who will have the tools to contemplate their inner world and cope better with adversity, who will be more open to teamwork, to understanding the interdependence of the world we live in; adults who understand the need to acquire essential skills, part of the wisdom they will need to navigate an uncertain future - critical thinking, cooperation or realistic engagement.