The first Educators Retreat brought together 20 people who wanted to learn more about stress factors and resilience tools when it comes to education and their personal wellbeing.

We have worked on identifying our stressors and understanding the science behind how our bodies respond to stress and how we can come back to the Green Zone where we feel more relaxed, focused and ready to put our inner resources to good use.

Self care was also a big topic and learning how to take the time to address our own needs so that we are more able to address our students needs brought to light awareness and hands on strategies that we use on a daily basis.

The delicious vegetarian menu, the summer breeze by the sea, the quiet moments and the beautiful connections that have been formed between us, have turned this retreat into an actual oasis of well being after a full year of teaching that was both challenging and rewarding.
We are looking forward to our next retreat in October!